Sheetrock Contractor in Vermont

Sheetrock Contractor Insurance in VermontIf you work as a sheetrock contractor, also known as a drywall contractor in Vermont then you need an insurance policy that protects your business from the day-to-day risks associated with running your enterprise.

What type of insurance to sheetrock contractors need?

Drywall contractors need an insurance policy that protects them from personal injury, bodily injury, property damage and negligence. These are typically summed up in three or four coverages. Your sheetrock business should carry:

Commercial General Liability Insurance: General Liability Insurance is also known as commercial liability insurance and covers general liability of the business. It is a broad coverage. It is a smart move to have a general liability insurance policy in place.

Commercial Auto Insurance: Just like your personal autos, your commercial autos need to be protected as well. If you use your vehicle for business, even occasionally, be sure to include this.

Umbrella Insurance for Commercial Businesses: A business umbrella policy can help cover a catastrophic loss and can save a business from huge financial distress.

Workers Comp Insurance: Workers compensation coverage pays for medical care and physical therapy for employees that are injured as a result of working for your business.

How much does insurance cost for a sheetrock contractor?

The cost of your insurance will vary greatly depending on how large your business is, how many employees you have, how many commercial vehicles you own or lease as well as your previous loss history. The only way to get an accurate quote is to contact our office in Cornwall and discuss your insurance needs.

As an independent insurance agency in Cornwall, Vermont, we can shop the top-rated insurance companies for your sheetrock or drywall contractor insurance. Our licensed staff will gather your information and work with the companies we represent to get you the great price and coverage that you deserve. Contact DeWitt Blake Insurance today for your sheetrock contracting business in Vermont.